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Top Girls

October 2012

Deputy Stage Manager

Production Dates: 

October 2012

Production Venue:

The Rose Theatre - Rose Bruford College

Production Role:

Deputy Stage Manager


Rose Bruford College


Jane Bertish



Musical Director:


Juliet Shillingford

Lighting Designer:

Catherine Shepherd

Sound Designer:

Daffyd Gough

Top Girls

Act I of Top Girls takes place in a hip London restaurant where Marlene is gathering five other women to celebrate her promotion to managing director of Top Girls, the employment agency where she works. This scene is surreal, because Marlene's 5 dinner guests are female figures from different historical eras: Isabella Bird; a 19th century writer and traveller, Lady Nijo; a 13th century courtesan and later, Buddhist nun, Dull Gret; the subject of a Brueghel painting who led an army of women into hell to fight the devils, Pope Joan; a 9th century woman who disguised herself as a man and became Pope, and Patient Griselda; the obedient wife from The Clerk's Tale in Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales. These women are bound together by their struggles against patriarchy and oppression - and Marlene relates to each of them differently.


Act 2 is set at the Top Girls employment agency. Marlene is interviewing a woman named Jeanine who wants a new job because there are no prospects for advancement at her current position. Through her questions, Marlene reveals that she looks down on Jeanine for her desire to get married young, have children, and her uncertainty about her professional future. Marlene only offers Jeanine two openings, one at a company that makes knitwear and the other lampshades - neither of which fulfill Jeanine's request for opportunities and travel. Regardless, Marlene tells Jeanine to be confident and present herself well, because her performance reflects on Marlene and the agency.

Mountain Lake
Beach Huts
Ferris Wheel
Palm Trees
City Cycle
Misty Slopes
Fire Wood

Cast & Creatives


Marlene: Michaela Ellis

Isabella Bird: Elin Doyle

Mrs Kidd: Georgie Fuller

Joyce: Terri Reddin

Lady Nijo: Emily Loomes

Patient Griselda/Louise: Siddy Holloway

Dull Gret. Jeanine: Jade Samuels

Angie: Evie Tyler

Pope Joan/Nell: Georgia Beasley

Win: Holly Ellis

Kit/Waitress: Libby Mulligan

Shona: Sara Huxley


Director: Jane Bertish 

Designer: Juliet Shillingford

Lighting Designer: Catherine Shepherd

Sound Designer: Daffyd Gough

Production Manager: Jade Kelly

Stage Manager: Paul Bond

Deputy Stage Manager: Christopher Silvester

Assistant Stage Manager: Peter Lambert | Jess Feder

Costume Supervisor: Hannah Pick

Creator Maker/ Assistant: Bernadette Brennan | Emma Sheppard | Kate Seckington

Production Electrian: Martin Fenton

Lx Programmer: Jack Jewell

Sound Operator: Tord Brudevoll


Scenic Artists: Emma Hughes | Elisabetta Massimi | Emilie Mellor | Faye Whitffen | Phil Atherton

Crew: Tunde Garrison | Tiffany Henwood | Stephanie Hammersley | Hannah French | Kayleigh Alstin | Ben Webster | Alexandra Kettell | Patrick Brant


LX Crew: Steven Hoye | Alex Griffths

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