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The God of Soho

3rd - 5th March 2014

Production Manager

Production Dates: 

3rd - 5th March 2014

Production Venue:

Stratford Circus Theatre

Production Role:

Production Manager


Rose Bruford College


David Zoob



Musical Director:


Gergana Kozhurava

Lighting Designer:

Georgia Lillie

Sound Designer:

Liam Vickary

The God of Soho

A thief in heaven steals the divinity of the gods. Meanwhile down on Earth some fetish items have been nicked from a reality TV star and she's facing exposure in the tabloids. Sex shops and comedy, gods and homeless people, all collide in a fierce, hectic and hilarious story about people looking for the divine. In Essex.

Mountain Lake
Beach Huts
Ferris Wheel
Palm Trees
City Cycle
Misty Slopes
Fire Wood

Cast & Creatives


The Big God: Gerard McGrath

Talya Harris

No Shit God/ Policeman/ Terry Cash: Chris Whotton

Dog Goddess/ Prostitute Singer: Leila Ayad

The New God/ Tony Goldilocks: Alexander Yoursi

Clem: Lousie Coulthard

Baz Hammer: Harry Owens

Teresa: Kim Hatton

Natty: Amy Mallet

Stan/ Prostitute Singer: Caitlin Fielding

Edwardo: Kyle Thorne

Joe Max/ shit God: Peter Silva

Hairy Goddess/ Policewoman/ Prostitute Singer: Kelsey Short


Director: David Zoob

Designer: Gergana Kozhuharova

Lighting Designer: Georgia Lillie

Sound Designer: Liam Vicary

Production Manager: Christopher Silvester

Stage Manager: Peter Lambert

Deputy Stage Manager: Daniel Stafford

Assistant Stage Manager: Tunde Garrison | Lori Trephibio


Costume Supervisor: Amy Gallimore

Creator Makers/ Costume Assistant: Leanne James | Elizabeth Lynch | Lucinda Phillips | Emily Bartlett | Anna Winkler | Amber Harding | Sarah Milne


Scenic Project Manager: Harriet 'Titch' Adama

Scenic Workshop Manager: Amanda Vickers

Scenic Workshop Assistants: Charlotte Whitton | Alexandra Turner | Amy Vandevelde


Head of Lighting: Phil Massingham

Prodction Electrian: Theo Foster

Lighting Programmer: Adam Hodgson

Sound No.1: Harrison Lee

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