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NAY Triple Bill

15th September 2017

Production Manager

Production Dates: 

15th September 2017

Production Venue:

Rich Mix 

Production Role:

Production Manager


Mbulelo Ndabeni


Mbulelo Ndabeni


Mbulelo Ndabeni & AkomaAsa


Musical Director:


Lighting Designer:

Sherry Coenen

Sound Designer:

Anna Appleby

NAY Triple Bill

Mbulelo Ndabeni stages an evening of thought provoking works in collaboration with Yinka Esi Graves, Dr Omar Timberlake and Carolyn Bolton exploring the notion of masculine, feminine and conflict.

Featuring 2 generations of female drummers, Yemalla and AkomaAsa, lead by guest drummer Angie Amra Anderson, including creative collaborators Yinka Esi Graves, Dr Omar Timberlake and guest choreographer/co-creator Carolyn Bolton, with a curtain raiser from Artistry Youth Dance with; I Matter; extract performed by female dancers, choreographed by Mbulelo Ndabeni. Dancer and choreographer Mbulelo Ndabeni performs in all three works. Hosted by Akosua Boakye.

N'da dance facilitates a platform for artists to celebrate, explore, investigate, challenge and empower themselves and the audience, whilst paying homage to tribal South African culture and heritage. The company aims to create ambitious productions, influenced by the diverse cultures that are represented by those we collaborate with, which contributes and offers something unique and different to mainstream dance.

Mountain Lake
Beach Huts
Ferris Wheel
Palm Trees
City Cycle
Misty Slopes
Fire Wood

Cast & Creatives



Artistry Youth Dance

Carolyn Bolton

Mbulelo Ndabeni


Director: Mbulelo Ndabeni

Choreographer: Mbulelo Ndabeni, Carolyn Bolton

Sound: Xana & Anna Appleby

Costume: Natasha Thamali

Drumming Tutor: Mohamed Gueye

Lighting Designer: Sherry Coenen

Production Manager: Christopher Silvester

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