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Journey's End

7th November - 14th November 2009

Assistant Production Manager

Production Dates: 

7th November - 14th November 2009

Production Venue:

Geoffrey Whitworth Theatre

Production Role:

Assistant Production Manager


Geoffrey Whitworth Theatre


Jean Franks



Musical Director:


Maurice Tripp

Lighting Designer:

Colin Goldberg

Sound Designer:

Keith Jarman

Journey's End

Journey’s End isn’t so much about war. It is about a friendship which suffers because of situations brought about by the war.  It is also very much about vastly different personalities being thrown together because of the war and just trying to get along under exceptional circumstances.  It is quite clear that many of these men would not have sought out each other’s company in any other situation.  Even though many of the characters do not show it, their fear is there, the prospect of death is there and is handled in their own individual ways. And the tedium is there; the long wait for something to happen.  (In fact, Sherriff originally called his play Suspense then Waiting and finally Journey’s End).  However, whilst the war progresses only 60 yards away, private, domestic and trivial situations seem to become of great importance. Perhaps they felt that if they didn’t voice it, the ghastly inevitability would not happen. Talking about the lack of pepper at dinner was probably more acceptable than talking about whether they might survive until the next dinner.

Mountain Lake
Beach Huts
Ferris Wheel
Palm Trees
City Cycle
Misty Slopes
Fire Wood

Cast & Creatives


Captain Hardy: Peter Gray

Lt. Osborne: Michael Martin

Private Mason: David Oatley

Lance Corporal Broughton: Clive Stringer

2nd Lt. Raleigh: Scott Godfrey

Capt. Stanhope: Robert Shilton 

2nd Lt. Trotter: Paul Wharton

2nd Lt. Hibbert: Grant Clarke

Company sgt. Major: Dave Kerry 

The Colonel: Maurice Tripp

German Solider: Dominic Clarke


Director: Jean Franks

Designer: Maurice Tripp

Lighting Designer: Colin Goldberg

Sound Designer/OP: Jean Franks / Keith Jarman


Stage Manager (On Book): Alan Peck 

Assistant Stage Manager: Mary Gibson

Properties: Margaret Young 

Assistant Production Manager/ Special Effect: Christopher Silvester

Wardrobe: Judith Black 

Set Builders: Maurice Tripp | Dennis Robins | Paul Allen | Alan Peck | Keith Dunn | Catherine Addy | Dave Kerry | Steve Grubb | David Oatley | Margaret Young | Faye Whiffen | Tim Seaton | Dick Kemp

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