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From Page To Stage

31st October - 22nd November 2016

Technical Stage Manager

Production Dates: 

31st October - 22nd November 2016

Production Venue:

Tristan Bates Theatre

Production Role:

Technical Stage Manager


Katy Lipson




Musical Director:


Lighting Designer:

Christopher Silvester

Sound Designer:

From Page To Stage

The From Page to Stage 2016 season opens with a Gala evening with performances of selections from five submitted musicals which highlight the musical creativity and broad subject matter that is currently being developed by writers from around the globe.

Shows to be highlighted are:

Love, Always by Michael Cooper and Bill Connington, Real Women by Jacqueline Ozorio and Matthew Samer, When Harry Met Barry by Paul Emelion Daly, The Jungle by Pippa Cleary and Bola Agbaje, and Connected by Alanya Bridge. 

Mountain Lake
Beach Huts
Ferris Wheel
Palm Trees
City Cycle
Misty Slopes
Fire Wood

Cast & Creatives


Luna Park 

Senna Knudsen, Suzanne Boreel, Laura Baxter, Natalie Adams, Cole Dunn, Taye Lily, Samuel Haughton, Dominic Sibanda, Christopher Foley, Adrian Beven​

Luna Park 

Geri Allen, Georgie Ashford, Craig Berry, Ian Gareth-Jones, James Gulliford, Michael Hamway, Lizzii Hills, Chris Vincent


Ralph Bogard, Olly Dobson, Kate Graham, Jodie Jacobs, Gerard McCarthy, Carl Mullaney, Rosie Needham, Quinn Patrick, Graham Vick


Kieran Brown, Cassis Compton, Ross Finnie, Jaymi Hensley, Beverley Klein, Maria Omakinwa, Ian Reddington, Daniel Williams

Pollyanna Street

Madalena Alberto, Caitlin Emilie Garcia, Eva Crawford, Jackie Marks, Mark Anderson, Nigel Richards

Heart of Winter

Sarah Earnshaw

The Toyboy Diaries

Suanna Braun, Jackie Marks, Mark Anderson, Martin Dickinson, Nigel Richards

21 Chump Street

Danny Black, Alessandro Lubrano, Emma Kingston, Jason Kajdi, Jordan Castle , Olly McCauley


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