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Amadis De Gaule

23rd - 28th March 2015

Production Manager

Production Dates: 

23rd - 28th March 2015

Production Venue:

Bloomsbury Theatre

Production Role:

Production Manager


UCLU Opera Society


Jack Furness


Lia Lee


Charles Peebles

Musical Director:


Hannah Wolfe

Lighting Designer:

Joshua Pharo

Sound Designer:

Amadis De Gaule

University College London Union Music Society Presents Amadis de Gaule, a visionary opera by Johann Christian Bach, performed in English at the Bloomsbury Theatre. Written and first performed on the eve of the French Revolution in Paris, the opera is a chivalric tale of the violent conflict between love and hate-fuelled revenge. Featuring some of today’s most exciting young opera singers with a chorus and orchestra of UCL students, and conducted by Charles Peebles, Jack Furness’ production will bring the opera to life in the ruins of a war-torn society where no civil structures remain. An opera of unflinching intensity, human honesty and visionary utopianism, the production will be a must-see theatrical event.

Mountain Lake
Beach Huts
Ferris Wheel
Palm Trees
City Cycle
Misty Slopes
Fire Wood

Cast & Creatives



Oriane: Alice Privett 

Urgonde: Florenina Harris

Arcabonne: Katherine Blumenthal

Amadis: Lawrence Olsworth-Peter

Arcalaus: Nick Morris 


Alex Squires | Ella Joy | Hannah Reid | Nick Randall | Alisha Iyer | Edward Cottell | James Russen | Noreen Chui | Amy Blencowe | Eleni Bohacek | John Leung | Oliver Woodhouse | Anita Lo | Emily Hod | Katerina Ticha | Peter Dockrill | Annegret Seebass | Emma Bud | Katya Read | Rebecca Walker | Carl Matthias Olson | Florentina Harris | Klára Kepková | Rosa Hardy | Craig Nunn | Frances Breeveld | Liliana Onorato | Sam Wallace | David Ho | Geogina Langley | Lydia Rowland | Sophia Liu | David Sánchez García | Grace Madeleine Hall | Mary Clayton | Sophie Erfurth | Dora Tamari - Tutnjevic | Gwendolin Brand | Naomi Krausha | Teresa Steininger | William Quinn | Yue Quan | Zahra Tengra


Director: Jack Furness

MD/Conductor: Charles Peebles

Designer: Hannah Wolfe

Lighting Designer: Joshua Pharo 

Production Manager: Christopher Silvester

Assistant Director: Mary Clayton-Kastenholz

Assistant Director: Suriyah

Head of Wardrobe: Nicola Holter

Wardrobe Assistant: Caroline Ball

Stage Manager: Rachel Darwood

Assistant Stage Manager: Alec Jordan

Pianist: Berrak Dyer

Pianist: Rodrigo de Vera

Choreographer: Lia Lee

Opera Manager: Nick Randall

President of Music: Gemma Charlton

Treasurer of MS: Harry Robins

Chorus Manager/Chorus: Hannah Reid

Chorus Manager/Chorus: Alex Squires

Orchestra Manager: Felicity Ockelford

Orchestra Manager: Isabel Jeakins


Alice Cross |Felicity Ockelford | Juan Blick | Sabrina Au | Alice Dunbabin | Frank Lee | Laurence Pengelly | Sam Nello | Alison Mansfield | Gabriel Pavlides | Liam Shaw | Sian Rees | Andrew Yap | Gemma Charlton | Lizi Smart | Sophie Collier | Antoine Fages | Guy Brindle | Max Liu | Sophie Green | Ayano Goto | Helen Langley | Milan Tarascas | Stephen Grant | Becky Moss | Hinyiu Ting | Minhyuk Seo | Tess Attenborough | Ben Borthwick | Hue Lim | Miranda Holiday | Thomas Hetherington | Caroline Greaves | Isabel Jeakins | Nicholas Woods | Will Kerrison | Charlotte Muehlbauer | Isobel Daley | Patrick Guthrie | Xu Yue | Clara Stellbrink | Jake Beesley | Peter Thornton | Elizabeth Martin | James Woodley | Reem Elsayed | Ellie Wang | Jaqueline Huwyler | Robin Blackwell

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